Creative Rewards Program FAQ

 Creative Points

Can I collect Creative Points if I shop in store or phone in my order?
Creative Points can only be collected and redeemed online.

Can I combine my Creative Rewards with a promo code at checkout?
Unfortunately, you cannot combine the redemption of Creative Rewards and promotional code discount at checkout.  

Will I get Creative points for leaving a review?
7-10 days after you place your order you will receive an email to review your products. Once you review your products the points will be added to your balance. It may take a few minutes. This is the only way to receive points for reviewing a product. You cannot earn Creative points for reviewing a product directly on our product page.

Can I return my order if I redeemed rewards?

You can return your order but you will not receive the points back that you redeemed. The amount of points you might earn from what you spent on the purchase post-discount will also be adjusted to reflect how much you ended up spending post-return. For example, if you use a $8 coupon (that you traded 100 points for) towards a $100 purchase that you decide to return, the $92 balance charged to your payment method will be refunded on your credit card but the 92 points that you earned would be deducted. The 100 points that you traded for the $8 discount would not be returned.

If I cancel/return my purchase and had earned points will I get to keep them?
No, any points earned on any orders that are cancelled or returned will be removed from your balance.


I referred a friend but never received my $10 in points?
In order to receive the $10 in points the friend you referred must complete an online purchase in order for you to receive your $10 in points.

Can I refer myself in order to receive extra points?
No, you cannot refer yourself in order to receive extra points. This will result in your account being removed from the Loyalty and Referral program and all earned points being removed.

Can I refer a family member that lives in the same household as me?
No, a household member who lives in the same household as you does not qualify as a referral.